How will San Francisco change me?

I moved to San Francisco on 1/17/2015. I’ve visited SF before, but have never really had a chance to explore the city. That being said, I knew there were a few things I could expect, like high costs of living, lots of liberals and gays, rampant homelessness, and lots of fog then sunshine, but that’s about it. One of my friends moved to Chicago from San Francisco and was going to be my guide to the city. I told him I’d give him regular updates about my experiences here and how my views may change as live here longer and longer. I knew that this city would change me, but I wasn’t sure how. We’ll see how long it takes for SF to make me soft. Here are the positions that I held before moving here. We shall see how these change over time:

  • Displacement of people due to rising rent sucks, but that’s capitalism and the way of the world. If you don’t like the Google bus, toughen up.
  • Fucking homeless people.
  • Fucking cyclists.
  • Organic, gluten-free food is stupid and costs too much.
  • I wonder if people here will be so open-minded that their brains will fall out. Damn hippies.

To be continued.



Sushi rice – 2 cups for 4 adults
Rice vinegar – 2 tablespoons (if seasoned, no need to add sugar and salt)
Unsalted seaweed sheets
Soy sauce
Sushi grade fish
  • Rinse rice until not cloudy
  • Cut veggies
  • Cook rice by 115ml water for 100g of rice, but not in a teflon pot. Boil high. Cover with a glass lid and don’t uncover it. Start a timer for 7 minutes once the water starts boiling. Once 7 minutes are up, simmer for 15 minutes. Cool for 1 hour between 2 cold towels.
  • Create a seasoning using the rice vinegar with a tiny amount of sugar and even less salt. Dissolve these in the rice vinegar. Heat. Taste. Adjust if needed.
  • Once cooled, put the rice on a  baking sheet, but never use foil on the sheet.
  • Mix rice with rice vinegar mix by slicing in and folding with a wooden, bamboo, or plastic spatula.
  • Lay the seaweed down then add rice and other ingredients. Flatten the rice out using the wetted spatula to prevent sticking. Dampen ends of the rice to stick it to the seaweed at the end. Roll by folding 1/3 of the way then roll.
  • Cut by halves. Wet the knife to make it easier if it’s a dull blade.

New York City – Lower East Side ramen/donuts/art/beer/Tenament Museum

After multiple visits to NYC, I’ve finally gotten around to checking out other areas of island that aren’t Midtown. My friend had just recently gone to the Tenement Museum and loved it. I hadn’t heard of it, but I trust her recommendations and Yelp also had tons of great reviews. I decided to make a day out of being in the area.

Like everything in NYC, this itinerary is walkable. It’s also pretty cheap, except for the Tenement Museum tickets, which are about $25 each.

1. Start your day with some lunch at Lam Zhou Handmade Noodle. It’s a tiny ramen shop with only 4 tables and there’s barely a sign outside the door. That’s how you know it’s freaking delicious. They speak some English and it’s cash only. However, me and 3 friends went, stuffed ourselves, and the whole bill was $26, which is basically what brunch costs per person anywhere else in NYC. Who wants to feel like a baller and cover the whole bill?! Here’s a picture of the outside so you know where to walk in.

Lam Zhou Outside Entrance
The awning has no lettering anymore


2. There’s always room for dessert. Make your way to the Donut Plant. They highly recommended the creme brûlée donut, which I had and pretty much saw new colors after eating it. I also had the hot chocolate with a giant handmade marshmallow cube in it. This hot chocolate was basically like drinking a delicious creamy, chocolatey cloud. Check it out:

Beautiful donuts!
Beautiful donuts!
It's amazing
It’s amazing

3. On the way to the museum, there’s a really cool bar/liquor store called Top Hops Beer Shop. It’s basically a bunker full of an insane number of craft beers and all goods/services beer-related. You can also get/bring a growler to fill up full of wonderful beer. It’s a pretty heavenly place.

Over 600 different beers here
Over 600 different beers here

4. Ever thought there could be a bakery that’s vegan, gluten-free, and good? Me neither. But then we went to BabyCakes. This place is rated very highly by a lot of people, including Martha Stewart.

And here we see a fresh baby being dropped off to be made into cake
And here we see a fresh baby being dropped off to be made into cake

5. You’ll run into a lot of art galleries on the way. They’re free, but there’s a range of what’s good and bad.

6. The final stop was the Tenement Museum. We did the Shop Life tour. This was a really unique museum experience because it’s guided and interactive and you see replica/restored rooms that are historically accurate. I was skeptical about how much fun it would be, but all the Yelp reviews convinced us. Even my friend who doesn’t really like historical museums really enjoyed herself. Definitely check it out.


Walking directions in LES
Walking directions in LES




San Francisco to do list

Muir woods
Alcatraz at sunset
Eat dungenuss  crab
Golden Gate park
National history museum
Exploratorium – Wednesday after dark
California Academy of Sciences – Thursday after dark
Keith herring exhibit at DM art
House of prime rib
Bobo’s – best steak
Fort mason – walk to bridge
Lands end trail – west side of golden gate
Blue bottle – coffee
Ferry building
Marin headlands
Kabuki – theater w bar
De Young museum
Legion of honor museum
Dolores park
Giants game
Treasure island flea – last weekend each month
Hollywood Billiards
Lucky strike
R and J lounge
Local Edition
Connecticut Yankee
Speakeasy brewery
Achor steam
Foreign Cinema
Buena Vista Cafe
Presidio social club
Tommys- tequila
Randall museum
Corona heights park
Straw – donut burger
Red Java
Blue barn – girls
Love cup – ice cream
1760- small plates and dates
Joya – pizza
Polkers. Hungover. Food
La Folie – French date lounge truffle popcorn
Craftsman and wolves – savory pastries
El Taco rooftop
South Pacific brewing company
Art attack – free yoga sundays
Mazzat – Lebanese get the patush salad. Meatball stew
Suzu ramen only
Sotto marre
Johnny folly’s dueling piano
Tenderloin comedy Tuesdays
Eastern bakery – chocolate covered fortune cookies
Greek theater – Berkeley
El farolito late night burrito
Kirimachi ramen
Waraku ramen
Turtle tower -pho



Latte express – SOMA boba and bagels


Madrone Art Bar – prince vs michael jackson



Serpentine for brunch


Wilson and Wilson

Social kitchen – brewery

Tekka – sushi


Memphis Minnie’s BBQ

Sunflower – garlic noodles

Hazels kitchen – steak sandwich and Belgian waffle

Little Skillet

American grilled cheese

Chez maman

Pots – inner sunset hotpot

Oye Managua – Nicaraguan restaurant

Jiro SF

Alborz – persian

Hotel adagio



Mission Chinese

Mr. And misses miscellaneous

Blondies pizza

Eno wine bar

Klyde wine bar


Place next to Warwick


Wayo – sushi bar

The house

Tin Vietnamese

Cafe flore – wagyu shepards pie

Goat hill pizza – Monday dim sum

Neighbor bake house for croissants

Mister Holmes – don’t get the cruffin. Get anything else past the line

Pink elephant – lotsa beer

Novela Bar

S and R lounge – games

Hotel Rex Library Whiskey Bar


El mansour

Coqueta – get the bikini

Piperade – basque

Primo cafe



Ozumo – lots of sake and whiskey

Pabu – nice place sake and whiskey


No tagliatelle at rich table

The halstead – oldest bar


Maggie mcgarreys

Play land



La Urbana – mezcal

El amigo – tequila dive


Zuni cafe


Radio Habana

Redwood room


Resolute – wine bar

Whiskey thieves

Warwick bar

Bourbon and branch

Colibri – Mexican and tequila

High tide – dive bar

Gino and Carlo – dive bar

Hookah – The pride of the Mediterranean. Ask for moe

Lands end – go at sunset 6pm
Mama Ji’s – beer and dim sum
Shanghai dumpling king – cash only
Hard water – best whiskey bar
Cigar Bar
Hideout in dalva- mission
Nihan – special
The Helman – afghanistan
The front porch – cajun bernal heights
Beauty bar
Bobs donuts – nob hill
Grace cathedral – Tuesday 6pm yoga
Candy bar
Bubble lounge
Home skillet
Latte express – bubble tea and bagels

Petit crenn

Coco frio

Cafe du nord

Bon marche

Outer lands – brunch

Gaspar Brasserie

Gundlach bundschu


Opas market. Tell them Johnny sent you


Fun Italian

Little Napoli

Antoine and Michelle – soup

Bi rite
Farmers market – every Saturday ferry building 8-2
Cowgirl creamery -cheese and salami
Cole valley
ice cream bar
Kamekyo Sushi

Finnagens wake – cole and Carl. Cole valley

Cheese school
Mission bowling club
dear mom
Giardano bros – Pittsburg style sandwiches w coleslaw
Bisou bottomless mimosas
Charles chocolates
Coffee bar
La Taqueria

Maruya – sushi 16th and Valencia

Elixir for beer
Kilowatt – divey
Dr Teeth
Atelier Crenn
Parkway theater
The Actual Cafe
Angeline’s Lousiana kitchen
Great china
Cask (whiskey store)
Thai Buddhist temples Sunday
Chez Panisse
Torpedo sushi burrito
Blind Tiger
Lost and Found
Avatars Restaurant

Muir beach/ pelican inn make sure to go to pirates cove

San Jose
Winchester house
los altos
Manresa – BEST IN SJ
San Mateo
Ramen Dojo
AB Brewery
Right Eye Brewing
Napa Smith Brewery
Boyes Hot Springs
Sonoma Springs Brewing
Mumm Napa
Jacuzzi/Cline Cellars
Castello di Amorosa

 Fritz cellar

V Sattui winery


Sanctuary resort

Monterey 1833 restaurant

Figge Cellars


Santa Cruz

Farrell Donuts

Hula island grill and tiki bar

Long marine center – Blue whale skeleton

Testa Rossa winery

Santa Cruz Boardwalk


Pacific Ave – shopping

Chicago – Get fancy in River North night

This itinerary is about 6 hours long and is best for going out a celebrating something, like a birthday, bro-night, or friends in town. This is kind of similar to the Get Extra Fancy in West Loop itinerary, but a little cheaper and good for red/brownliners.

This will cover dinner, fancy drinking, and clubbing in River North. Everything is walking distance for guys and pretty walkable for the girls in heels (if they’re able to walk 3 blocks). Each place is spaced about 3-5 minutes away from each other.

1. Eat some of the best sushi ever at Sunda for dinner. It’s Michelin rated and is pretty reasonably priced. The cocktails here are also pretty excellent. Everything there is delicious.

2. Walk a few blocks southwest to the Gilt Bar Library. You’ll most likely need a reservation to get to the library downstairs, but it’s perfect for actually being able to talk to your friends while having expertly crafted cocktails and good food too.

3. If you’re down to go out drinking and partying, go to these next few places – Untitled, American Junkie, and Social 25. Untitled is big and awesome. It has multiple rooms, which include a whiskey room, a dining room, and a dance floor. American Junkie has a retractable roof and really hot bartenders. Social 25 has two floors, has great dance music, AND is open until 5AM. It does get hot though, just a warning.

Screenshot 2015-01-10 22.28.12