Chicago – Get fancy in River North night

This itinerary is about 6 hours long and is best for going out a celebrating something, like a birthday, bro-night, or friends in town. This is kind of similar to the Get Extra Fancy in West Loop itinerary, but a little cheaper and good for red/brownliners.

This will cover dinner, fancy drinking, and clubbing in River North. Everything is walking distance for guys and pretty walkable for the girls in heels (if they’re able to walk 3 blocks). Each place is spaced about 3-5 minutes away from each other.

1. Eat some of the best sushi ever at Sunda for dinner. It’s Michelin rated and is pretty reasonably priced. The cocktails here are also pretty excellent. Everything there is delicious.

2. Walk a few blocks southwest to the Gilt Bar Library. You’ll most likely need a reservation to get to the library downstairs, but it’s perfect for actually being able to talk to your friends while having expertly crafted cocktails and good food too.

3. If you’re down to go out drinking and partying, go to these next few places – Untitled, American Junkie, and Social 25. Untitled is big and awesome. It has multiple rooms, which include a whiskey room, a dining room, and a dance floor. American Junkie has a retractable roof and really hot bartenders. Social 25 has two floors, has great dance music, AND is open until 5AM. It does get hot though, just a warning.

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