Sushi rice – 2 cups for 4 adults
Rice vinegar – 2 tablespoons (if seasoned, no need to add sugar and salt)
Unsalted seaweed sheets
Soy sauce
Sushi grade fish
  • Rinse rice until not cloudy
  • Cut veggies
  • Cook rice by 115ml water for 100g of rice, but not in a teflon pot. Boil high. Cover with a glass lid and don’t uncover it. Start a timer for 7 minutes once the water starts boiling. Once 7 minutes are up, simmer for 15 minutes. Cool for 1 hour between 2 cold towels.
  • Create a seasoning using the rice vinegar with a tiny amount of sugar and even less salt. Dissolve these in the rice vinegar. Heat. Taste. Adjust if needed.
  • Once cooled, put the rice on a  baking sheet, but never use foil on the sheet.
  • Mix rice with rice vinegar mix by slicing in and folding with a wooden, bamboo, or plastic spatula.
  • Lay the seaweed down then add rice and other ingredients. Flatten the rice out using the wetted spatula to prevent sticking. Dampen ends of the rice to stick it to the seaweed at the end. Roll by folding 1/3 of the way then roll.
  • Cut by halves. Wet the knife to make it easier if it’s a dull blade.

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